What’s happening now?

I’ve seen a few of you, my blog-reading friends, either in person or around the wonderful web, and you’ve asked for an update. There’s so much happening in life now, above and beyond the work transition, but the work transition is the focus of most of my days. With just a few weeks remaining in […]

A new season is coming

No, this isn’t a post about snow, though that will eventually stop falling and melt away, as most seasonal distinctives do. This post is about another new beginning. It’s also about not being certain exactly what I’m beginning yet. The past few weeks have been full of realizations and actions on them. The thimble-sized version […]

A new Lenten journey

When I was a sophomore in college, I remember walking to an Episcopal church a couple of miles away from my dorm to be with the church for Ash Wednesday. I remember so clearly because I was recovering from mono and that 30 minute walk took probably an hour – but I was determined.  Why? […]

Coming Home to a New Old Mission

There is so much to tell you! But, first, a little back story. Yes, this journalist is going to bury the lede on purpose. Hang with me. A key part of my personal faith story is that I had to leave my hometown of Albany, NY, to encounter Jesus in words and actions that I […]

Whole30: I finished. I’m not stopping.

For quite a long time I have suffered with some chronic health issues. Essentially, I haven’t really felt “well” since October 13, 1999, when I was in a serious car accident. What prior to that had been a very active life, became a life guarded by pain where I’d been injured and then later diagnosed […]