A cool web toy, er, I mean tool

For pretty much ever I have tackled planning projects with a cloud of sticky notes and a large blank wall. Each part of a project would get a sticky, which would get sub-stickies as I thought of them. Little did I know that for all those gazillion projects I was doing what has become known as mindmapping – recording thoughts for a project as they occur to you and then organizing them. This sort of activity has helped me adapt my multi-tasking thought process into well-organized projects.

I came across a free online tool called text2mindmap.com which made me say “wow this is cool to play with” as it dances your outlines across the screen. Once the “oooh shiny” effect was sufficiently past, I thought, what a great way to translate my wall of sticky notes into visuals that can be shared or used to document the process.

I shared the find on twitter, and made the sample image you see above (which you can click to see larger), then thought I’d post it and share the fun of organizing the random thoughts running through our heads. Enjoy!


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