A gold star note

goldstars.jpgI so enjoyed this note from my daughter’s band director, I gave it a bunch of gold stars! I post it here for your amusement. Following a summary schedule beginning with the winter concert scheduled for December 11 (all dates previously sent home, published in the district calendar, and handed out to the parents at open house), Mr. Reynolds writes:

Dear keepers of the children,

One of my students asked me when the concert was. I don’t need this kind of stress. Please mark your calendar for the above dates: if you have been lax about procuring a 2008 calendar you can note the dates on the bottom of December and then transfer them when possible.

Dress: white shirt, black pants or skirt. A tie would be nice. The women don’t need a tie. The men look funny in skirts. Short skirts wouldn’t be prudent.

Please don’t get here at 6:00. There will be plenty of seats and I don’t want to entertain your child for an hour before the concert starts – 6:32 would be a fine arrival time.

Please talk to your child about concert etiquette: most especially the bit about not talking while other groups perform.

I know that television is in rerun mode and you are tired of traffic and shopping: so there is no need to thank me for this wonderful opportunity to have a relaxing, joyful evening of sharing your child’s musical gifts with the greater community. Really… it is my pleasure to provide this service. Consider it my thank you for bringing me these wonderful children.

If you have any questions (ever) please call or email. If you have a conflict with the date change the other thing.

I love his use of humor (and it really is humor), and as a long-time youth minister who’s experienced that same kind of “can’t tell people often enough or loudly enough when everything is” dynamic I truly appreciate the spot he’s in even having to write this letter a week before the concert!

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