A hush fell over the crowd

Within hours the US House of Bishops will issue their official response to the Primates (heads of each of the constituent churches in the Anglican Communion) requests of them regarding upholding the teaching of Scripture with regard to human sexuality, marriage, and leadership.  There are many dedicated bloggers present in New Orleans for the meetings, and there is copious analysis at Stand Firm along with news & blog links to many additional sources from all “sides” of the issue.

The bishops made known, in a press conference held last night to say their response documents were yet in formation, that their goal was to be clear in their response.  We shall see soon enough if the response is clear (enough) and bold (enough) to constitute a complete reply to the questions it purposes to answer.  And then the parsing and interpreting will begin… what it says, what it means, what it doesn’t say, etc.  But what really matters is, does it push forward with an agenda clearly oppositional to the rest of the Anglican Communion, or does it not.  What “happens” after that is unknown in its form and content, so that’s for another hush.

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