A note from a former student

dryland.jpgI share it because we all need to know that the authentic gospel message does really bear fruit in due time. We just don’t always get to know it. Shared with permission.

I feel shy writing, I wanted to Apologize, but to more so thank you.

First, the Apology is for the way I had acted in my imaturityness, and how I did not respect you in my years as a a teen, as someone who had authority over me or someone who had more experience or even as a friend. I am sorry for that but, also, for going behind your back and talking poorly against you. It brought me down to level of slander and I was in fact lowering myself. Even when you treated me with respect and like a person should be. We might of not had the straightest and smoothest relationship, but you had treated me much better than I you.

Hindsight is 20 20. I like to think that my maturity has gone up a little since, and I was looking back at my spiritual walk and how I have grown in the past years.
It has intrigued me to look back and see where I matured and why. In going back and thinking about it all, I have figured out that I was begining to figure out things about Christ on a deeper level during my years in youth group. I really feel that you were trying to let me in on the power of Christ, to open the door, to what i could have. The hunger of the word, and its fulfillment in my life and to be walking Daily with Christ, but I was to busy being a middle and high schooler as we all go through those stages. Some quicker than others. There were many times where you could have closed the door and given up on me. You helped me see the power of Christ with my own eyes.

I really want to tell you an example of how you helped me open my eyes. Remember, I think it was the first year we went to the camp as a youth retreat, and you had challenged us to really personalize our walk with God. To talk to God on a personal level, I will never forget it, It did not hit me full force then but later down the road it did. That even though we were at church and that saying the Nicene Creed meant things to some people it might just be words to us. And you hit the nail dead on. You had said “make up your own prayer! As long as you are REAL with God” It is that realness and that personalized touch. The message you were portryaing was to have personal relationship with God, and do what ever it takes to get that relationship because its great.

Again it did not fully click then, but it did later on. And I can’t even begin to tell you that near the end of when I left the Youth group your words were still a light house as I drifted into some dark waters in the following years to come. I could have gotton lost and been lost for an even longer amount of time. But it was gods grace that brought me back And though your words might not have affected me as hard as you wanted them to that day they did in the end.

In m mind I feel that your arms have always been open and when I had closed my arms to you yours were still open, It reminds me of Christ and how his arms are always open and how you have reflected Christ to me. I am eternally Thaankfull for your persistance not to me but to Christ! Thank You Very Much!!!!!

I hope this email was not to much, I really felt an obligation to Apologize for my behavior, but also to Thank You I hope that htis is also and encouragement. You have an awesome day and God bless You!!!!

In Christ, your former student

This note slays me, God is so strong and so faithful, so graceful to show us fruit of our labors in his vineyard. I share this for your encouragement, not my own glorification, and with the hope that you’ll join me in praying that the seeds youth ministers plant, nurture and tend year after year will bear much fruit, and that they will be similarly encouraged. God gets the credit, all of it.

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