A "silly" question

Or maybe it only sounds silly at first, I dunno. I do know that I had to add it to my list of things that make me say “hmmm”… so here it is, ready?

Why is it that it’s easier to “visualize whirled peas” than to visualize (and act for) world peace?

I know, I should have prepared you to be underwhelmed. Think on it a while anyway. I started thinking about it in a pretty stream-of- unconsciousness way after I read this much more serious post on johny b’s new blog, which you should check out. Anyhow, I was thinking that we love to call Jesus the Prince of Peace at this time of year, but I’m not really seeing that Kingdom around me. I know, some of you will say… “no, silly, that Kingdom lies within you,” to which I would reply, “yeah, but couldn’t it be both?”

Like I said, it’s on my list of things that make me say hmmm.

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