A way to pray

Please know that while I’ve been pretty quiet here, your prayers are felt and my heart is grateful.

Our pastor called our church to extra prayer for Tim in yesterday’s services and relayed our request to talk to the mom and dad, not the self-conscious and unhappily suffering teenager, if they have inquiries to make or some sort of help to offer.

We asked our church, via the email prayer request list, to pray for a breakthrough for Tim. Two of our favorite and powerful intercessors added this to our request today: Our God is a God of Breakthroughs. God rescued David (2 Samuel 5:20) and he named the place Baal-perzim meaning “The Lord of breaking through” (baal literally means lord.) “Pray for My intervention.” was a word we got for this.

So much intervention needed – in his body to find and heal the cause of the tremors and spasms, to get to the right doctors for consultation and an accurate diagnosis and treatment, to get the right plan for his present/future high school education… and God knows all of it so perfectly and completely that even my list from the midst of it is a distraction. Don’t be distracted by my ramblings, do pray as the Lord leads. If you have some word of encouragement or knowledge, please post it? We do believe that God speaks to us through his Word and through his Body.

Pray also for Calley, another teenager with symptoms very, very similar to Tim’s, who lives about an hour away from us. Her mother, Penny, and I are in communication with each other and the same doctors have been either helpful (or not helpful at all) to both of our kiddos.

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