Advent: decorating

When I was growing up the Christmas tree – a real one – was procured the weekend before Christmas and stayed outside until Christmas Eve.  In it would come, it would be placed into the tree stand and watered (and watered, and watered). And that’s how it would stay… an evergreen in a stand in front of the living room’s picture window.  The decorations, you see, were part of the Christmas morning surprise.

I really don’t know how my parents managed to do that.  I know that there were toys to assemble and packages to wrap.  Add all the decorations, including the single-strand-at-a-time tinsel placement and I just don’t think they slept!

In our little corner of the family, we’ve settled into getting the tree done in time for Christmas (bonus, right?), but usually not a lot ahead of time.  In my “perfect” scenario, the tree gets decorated on this day, the 4th Sunday of Advent, a symbolic last official act of readiness for Christmas to come.  This year it worked!

Enjoy these photos of the tree and a few of the many, many ornaments (nearly half didn’t even make it onto the tree because I got tired of finding spots for them!).  I collect nativities, and some of them are ornaments.

(as before, click to see a larger version of the photo, click a second time to see the full-sized version)

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