An evening in the NICU

conner50.JPGA little while ago I was wearing a surgical gown. I still smell like hospital soap; it’s a badge of honor to me. I got a spur of the moment invitation to go to the NICU with Amy to spend time with little Conner. He’s doing so well. He’s grown a lot – 3 inches in length, gained nearly 2 pounds from his birth weight. He’ll reach the 34 week mark on Saturday, 1 1/2 months after he was born. I got to hold his little hand, tickle his little toes, and pray as I laid a hand gently on his tiny head of red fuzzy hair. I got to hear his mom talk about the understanding she’s gained of love because of her baby boy, and how she’s so determined to do right for him. She’s going to be a good mom.

His neighbors are tiny triplets on one side, and across the way is a very sick little one who was the center of attention this evening because of the troubles he’s having. As Amy cradled her baby who’s improving little by little every day, I could pray for all the babies around the perimeter of the room – I could see them all from my seat.

It was a gift to be able to be there.

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