Another week flies by

It’s Sunday night, and every day I think, “I’m going to write today” and it doesn’t happen. The little while it takes to put coherent thoughts together escapes, and I’m left with only scraps of thoughts. Not quite as satisfying.

I have a friend and fellow youth minister who is an incredible sports fan. He’s from Malaysia, which is a part of the whole rest of the world that stops for a month (or at least slows to a crawl) every 4 years as national pride is put on the line in the World Cup. The Beautiful Game, known as football everywhere but America – where we call it soccer for some as yet unknown by me reason – has always been something of a mystery to me. I had a general idea of the way it should go – 11 players on a side, black-and-white ball, net – but the beauty of the game had, as yet, escaped me.

Enter Derek’s passion for the game, which is obvious on his blog, Live on Two Legs, where he presently features the World Cup Hymn and a really great montage of video from the game. He got me to turn on an early round game and answered my (many) questions. The budding realization that ‘there was more to this’ caught me, and, I need to confess, I was hooked on the World Cup. Over the course of the past few weeks, I’ve caught at least a couple of games a week, a lot of the quarterfinal games, and the third place and final games this weekend. It was a fantastic distraction, and I learned a lot too. Derek said so! It is definitely more than 22 guys chasing a ball.

Why did I need a distraction?

Ministry life is busy, and quiet is hard to come by with Beaver Cross in full swing. Working from home a bit helps, but with my kids home from school, that’s not ideal either. I’m planning events for the later summer/fall and winter (more simply, the rest of 2006).

Tim is still shaking. We’ve decided that we’re going to let him go on his hiking, backpacking and climbing trip in Yosemite next week. If the doctors are right, making him stay home will only make it worse. If not, he’ll still be shaking when he comes home and we’ll carry on with the diagnosis hunt.

Cathie came home from her mission trip (which she had an amazing experience on) and started her summer babysitting job. She’s happy having her own money, and is trying every moment to get me to take her to the mall.

Tom was away for the reserves again. He just got home a couple of hours ago.

I spent much of my free time this past week praying about and collaborating on this statement. Serious days spent discerning the way God would have us go through the storm we’re in. In the process, I’ve come to some conclusions about another item that’s been on my prayer list. More on that as I have time to form those aforementioned coherent thoughts.

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