Atrocities abound

My grandfather walked across the country now known as Myanmar, during WWII. As an American volunteer serving in the Royal Engineers he helped to build the gasoline pipeline that preceded the Burma (or Stilwell) road. I wrote more about that here.

If you watch the world news at all, you’ve seen some reportage about the Monks protesting the military junta’s treatment of the citizens there. This article has much interesting background, What Makes Monks Mad. It has been ordinary citizen photographers and bloggers who have gotten the word out about the current atrocities against peaceful protesters, that is, until their internet access was cut off. There is a movement on the internet to acknowledge the situation and those who got the word out, and that’s part of what this post is about.

Free Burma!

As a friend from YMX put it, this could be the Tiananmen Square of this century.  Thanks, Dirk, for that important observation and for putting the graphic in your sig to remind me.

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