Baby Conner update

Thanks to all of you for praying for Amy and Kris and their tiny son, Conner Lee.  They are very thankful for the prayers and notes of encouragement that have been sent to them from readers here (my blog and facebook) and at YMX.

I spoke to Amy this morning, so here is the update.  Conner is on a ventilator and sedated because he’s trying to breathe on his own (which is a very positive sign).  He’s a bit jaundiced, and his blood volume was low so he’ll be having a transfusion today.  He may need a cast on his foot to correct the direction it turns, but Amy says that’s not a serious problem.  All in all, for an infant so premature, Conner is doing very well.

In addition to Conner’s needs, Amy asks prayers that her pain level (from c-section) would decrease; that all will go well for her discharge tomorrow and the 45 minutes (each way) of travel that will need to take place to be with Conner daily while he’s still in the NICU.  It’s far too soon to know when he will be able to go home, so I’m adding prayers for Amy and Kris’ strength and that they’ll get support from local family and friends while they wait for that day.

When I can take pictures, I will certainly post so you can see this sweet tiny boy.  He’s about the length of my forearm (wrist to crook of my elbow) and weighs about 2 pounds still.  That he is here and doing so well is an Advent miracle, to be sure.

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