Because they really are Brothers

Tonight was the first of the slew of graduation-related events, a unique to CBA military review called “The Mother’s Day Review.” The cadets, led by the music of the Regimental Marching Band, parade in formation and stand inspection by their cadet leaders and the military officers (Army Jr ROTC) and school officials. The “mothers” part in this is to go on the field at the correct point in time to “inspect” their sons. In the end, the seniors fall out of ranks and the rest of the corps of cadets honors them by passing in review, after which the seniors are dismissed and toss their hats in the air.

After the pomp and ceremony takes place, the seniors smoke cigars (though no one knows why) and revel in their moment of celebration together. There’s fun and laughter, lots of various cigar aromas, and, tonight, there was some spontaneous singing as the cigars got stubby and they boys had taken up occupation of the bleachers on the far side of the field. You should know that earlier in the day they’d gotten “talked to” because they didn’t know the words to the school’s Alma Mater – let’s just call this another rehearsal with a bonus song. :)



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  1. Jeri
    May 16, 2008 at 3:04 pm #

    He looks like his dad. My goodness….

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