Behind Door #3…

::game show announcer voice:: It’s a plea deal, Monty! This package features six months in jail, ten years’ probation, registration as a sex offender in exchange for admitting guilt in felony rape of a minor, in driving while intoxicated, and for waiving her right to appeal! ::end voiceover::

Beth Geisel, the former English teacher at Albany’s Christian Brothers Academy, made headlines in early summer when she was caught in the back seat of her parked car with a 17-year-old student from the school. CBA fired her, and then more allegations of sex with students from the school emerged; she was arrested and charged with rape, three counts of it in fact, for her tryst with a 16-year-old in her home and other locations. A few weeks later, she cut off an Albany County Sherriff’s investigator just down the block from the Albany’s Police Court, and was found to be driving while intoxicated and with some shady characters. She’s been in jail ever since.

Today, she appeared in court… pleaded guilty to one rape charge, and the DWI… and by the time she is formally sentenced on November 21, she’ll serve only about 2 weeks of the 6 month sentence. SIX months, 2 weeks… after time served and time off for good behavior! She’ll have to serve 10 years on probation, and she’ll have to register as a sex offender, which is the only part of her “deal” that seems appropriate to her crimes. Oh, and she’ll be required to attend treatment and counselling… oh poor her. I’m not normally so unsympathetic, but she’s touched a nerve in me as a mother, as a professional who works with youth… she’s breached an important trust, and serving 2 official weeks for that makes me more than a little ill after all the turmoil. But, we’re supposed to be worried about her… at least according to her attorney:

Defense Attorney Donald Kinsella said, “I think she is glad this is moving on. She will be less the focus of attention. A trial would have been a spectacle for her family. Treatment, registration as a sex offender, as well as 10 years of probation does not appear to me as a light sentence.”

If you want to read more about it, try here; and there’s another story here.

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