Beyond inhumanity

War is terrible.  No one likes it.  No one is joyful over the circumstances which arise, the hurt, the injury, the death.  When I read of the horrible inhumanity that seems to mark on-going warfare in the age of terrorism, it breaks my heart.

Yesterday’s news that two Iraqi women were the bombers who entered different markets was shocking in it’s violence and cost of life, as are the reports of people (any person) killed, injured, maimed and psychologically damaged by the ongoing war. It seems that the insurgents, committed to terrorizing whomever they perceive to be against them, are intent on becoming more and more shocking, more atrocious, to make their point. Not long ago they took the steps of using women to commit these bombings. No doubt there are women among those who believe in the insurgent’s cause, who willingly participate in the violence as bombers or lend support in other ways in spite of the lesser social position of women in their culture.

But today I learned that the women who were strapped into explosive vests and sent into the marketplaces were affected by Down Syndrome, a common birth defect marked by particular symptoms which include mental retardation.  Childlike and trusting, unable to make such a choice for themselves, they were used as pawns of terror as their explosives were detonated by remote control.

Beyond inhumanity.

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One Response to “Beyond inhumanity”

  1. Len
    February 3, 2008 at 1:04 am #

    That level of evil must be fought and just shows, for those who are willing to see it, that this war is a war of worldviews.

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