Bible Conference and Chili cook-off?

Yes!  I giggled at first, but you know church people and their amazing ability to produce large quantities of their favorite recipes and yesterday was no exception.  About 80 people attended the day-long conference centered on Bishop Love’s emphasis on getting back to basics and studying the scriptures as a whole, followed by sampling quite a few tasty chili creations (and make-your-own sundaes).

I was invited to present a 2-hour session on tailoring Bible studies to youth, and the afternoon went very well.  I had a mix of clergy and laity, and even two teenagers, representing several congregations desiring to start youth Bible studies or incorporate them into existing Sunday school programming.  It was great fun spending time with these folks and giving them a way to craft low-tech, memorable and interactive studies for their youth.

My favorite part of the workshop was having the time to cover the foundational stuff of preparation, and to take time to practice doing it.  It was great that every one of them left our time together with a new Bible study outline they’d worked in groups to create, plus got to take a look at some prepared curriculum sources in print and on DVD, and knew what it took to tweak it to their own context.

I had a great time with them, and connecting with some of my former co-workers, some folks from my home church and around the Diocese of Albany I hadn’t seen in some time, and meet some new people who share my love and desire to connect young people with the Word.

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