Bishop Love: Fast for our brothers and sisters in Sudan and Nigeria

From today’s Diocesan Update from Bishop Bill Love of Albany:

I have been particularly grieved by the reports coming out of the Diocese of Maridi in Southern Sudan, as well as those from the Diocese of Jos in Nigeria, where our brothers and sisters in Christ have come under attack and persecution, primarily because of their faith in Christ.  Following is an excerpt from an email I just received from Bishop Justin Badi, Bishop of our sister diocese of Maridi:

“Last night (January 1st) the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) came in Nzumara village which is three miles south of Maridi town.  They chopped seven people to death, destroyed properties, tortured people and have taken over twenty to the bush.  It is a very miserable situation here in Maridi.  We very much value your prayers for us.”

Bishop Justin and his wife, Joyce, visited the Diocese of Albany a few years ago and attended our Diocesan Convention.  Karen and I were blessed with being able to spend time with them last summer at Lambeth.

In a similar report, Archbishop Ben Kwashi, Archbishop of Jos,  recently spoke of the attacks directed primarily against Christians in and around Jos, a few weeks ago.  He stated, “From amongst our own members, nine were killed, eight injured, 42 adults displaced, three churches destroyed, 56 homes destroyed or looted, 57 businesses destroyed or looted, and 26 vehicles destroyed.” Archbishop Ben has stated that much of the reporting on the situation in Jos by international media is inaccurate and full of propaganda.  Like Bishop Justin and Joyce, Archbishop Ben and his wife Gloria are also friends of the Diocese of Albany.  We were greatly blessed by their visit and powerful testimony at last summer’s Diocesan Convention.

I ask all the clergy and laity of the Diocese of Albany to join me in fasting and holding our brothers and sisters in Christ from the dioceses of Maridi and Jos up in prayer, asking our Lord Jesus Christ to send His holy angels to watch over, protect and minister to them.  May the Holy Spirit come upon them mightily, giving them the strength, courage, wisdom, comfort and faith they so desperately need during this very difficult and uncertain time.  May the Lord give them His perfect peace.  Amen!

In addition to praying and fasting, I would invite anyone who can, to make a financial gift in support of the people of the Dioceses of Maridi and Jos.  All financial gifts may be sent to the Diocese of Albany individually or through your parish.  Upon receipt at the Diocesan Office, they will be forwarded to special accounts that have been set up for the two Dioceses.  Please make all checks out to the Diocese of Albany, annotating in the memo section what it is for.  Any gift you can make is greatly appreciated.

Even if you are not from the Diocese of Albany, please join in upholding these Christian brothers and sisters whose faith may cost them their lives.  If you know of others in these for whom we should pray, feel free to leave some info in the comments.

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