Blog Action Day: love146

Poverty is one of a number of factors contributing to the blight on humanity that is child sex trafficking – human slavery for the most depraved of purposes.  Of course, there are also social, religious, cultural and political factors which contribute to human trafficking. All of them are preventable.

It has been my privilege for a number of years now to know Rob Morris and hear him share the work he is so passionate about. That passion, or should I compassion, lead him to found an organization called Justice for Children International in 2002, now known as love146. Rob and love146 are unfettered in their commitment to preventing the trafficking of  young girls for sex, an “industry” which is estimated to generate billions of dollars every year, by rescuing them and providing aftercare and support to aid these girls in healing and reaching their potential as people, not property.  They fight poverty of the worst kind, exploitation.

Watch the video below to hear Rob explain the work of love146, and visit their website to learn more –

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