Bon voyage! ::waves::

Today was supposed to be the day that Tom and I left on a vacation – part 20th anniversary trip, and a teeny part business.  We planned to go with a number of YMX friends, meeting up in Friday Harbor, WA to cruise the San Juans aboard the Pacific Catalyst, a 12-passenger vessel owned and operated by another friend from YMX (actually, back to the YS forums days).  As it turns out, we apparently just weren’t meant to go away right now, but yes, I’m pouting.

There are a few reasons why our participation fell through, but the major one that pulled us out of the trip is a change in Tom’s Air Force Reserves weekend.  Then, as it happened, Tim has had some troubles this week that would have made it more than difficult to go, and likely would have required a last minute cancellation.  That would have been crushing (for Tim especially) and expensive. Even in Bill and Shannon’s extraordinarily generous  ministry rate for the cruise itself, the airfare alone from Albany to Seattle was not cheap.  So, it works out for the best on that front; I’ll work on being more grateful and less pouty.

Vacation… it sounds like such a nice idea.  I hope that we’ll get an opportunity to get away to just have fun and rest before too long.  I know I would rather that be in God’s timing, and this trip clearly wasn’t as I look back from here.   So, I wish my friends fair winds and following seas, and look forward to seeing the photographs and hearing the stories.  I’ll see some of them on a work trip to the Atlanta NYWC in the not too distant future, and I know we’ll have good times there as well.

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