Busy, busy… but good

Our various family members are going, it seems, in a thousand directions this weekend. It’s just one of those runs, I guess.

Cathie is attending the previously mentioned Excel Conference in Saratoga, NY. She’s been packing and unpacking for days, trying to get just the right combination of outfits and such to go with the expected below 0 temperatures, the 2 block walk from the group’s hotel to the City Center, and the always warm convention hall and seminar rooms. I think she took almost as much stuff as she did for her 2 week mission trip to Bolivia!

100_2396.JPGMom, gotta have options!

Can’t you just hear her?  All that on the floor in front of her, and the pillow behind her too.  The funny thing is, that is a pretty small amount compared to what some of the others will bring.  I used to have to tell the kids (and their parents) that they had to be able to carry all their luggage, etc, themselves (meaning, only them).  Sometimes that even happened in one trip! :)

So, while Cathie is away being spiritually challenged and having fun, Tim has just as much going on this weekend.

Tomorrow is Tim’s admittance audition for the music department at The College of Saint Rose.  He’s ready, a little nervous, and looking forward to it being done!   What he’s most looking forward to is Sunday – the day of CBA’s annual Military Ball.  Pictures surely to follow.  He’s escorting Sarah, who is staying the night Sunday with her cousin, Stacy (a friend who happens to live in our house).  Tim will drive them to and from the dance – which means I have to spiff up my car a bit! – and they’re going to Denny’s afterward.  Such a different scenario from last year when he’d just gotten out of the hospital, it’s great to be able to see that progress!

My weekend?  With Tom working, my role is to make sure everyone gets where they need to be, has what they need to have, and then watch football.

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