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Compelled by His love

Last weekend was the annual Youth For Christ high school student leadership conference, Excel. In keeping with the event’s theme “Compelled by His love” (2 Corinthians 5:14-15) my daughter was among those invited to share about something each did in response to Christ’s compelling love. You can hear both of the students who spoke in […]

Why, Albany High?

Parents of thousands of Albany High School students have been asking that question for quite some time now, in reference to some notorious failures in security, and, most recently, with regard to the utter failure of the school to provide class schedules for it’s 2400+ students. When I attended the AHS Parent Teacher Student Association […]

A heartbreaking tale of two children

It’s horrible, and should be unthinkable. This tale of two local children is heartbreaking. A child is playing near the front steps of her house when a bullet fired from down the block hits her in the back. She falls, bleeding, to the sidewalk and dies shortly thereafter. A community rises up in outrage over […]

Stop lobbying my kid!

It’s school budget presentation time in the Albany City School District.   As a parent of students attending school here in this district for 13 years, I have frequently heard budget vote ‘encouragements’ from school board members, district staff, and even teachers (especially those involved with sports, music and art related departments) from public platforms like […]