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A new season is coming

No, this isn’t a post about snow, though that will eventually stop falling and melt away, as most seasonal distinctives do. This post is about another new beginning. It’s also about not being certain exactly what I’m beginning yet. The past few weeks have been full of realizations and actions on them. The thimble-sized version […]

Coming Home to a New Old Mission

There is so much to tell you! But, first, a little back story. Yes, this journalist is going to bury the lede on purpose. Hang with me. A key part of my personal faith story is that I had to leave my hometown of Albany, NY, to encounter Jesus in words and actions that I […]

We still have power

Much of the Capital Region has no electric power this morning and is experiencing falling trees, bad roads and more due to about 24 hours of freezing rain that continues mixed with a bit of snow as I write.  I stepped outside my house moments ago (yes, in my pjs and slippers) to capture a […]

Changes in Diocese of Albany’s Camp and Youth Ministry

Late this afternoon I received the following list email: To all my Beaver Cross friends and family, Currently the Diocese and Christ the King Center are having to make some tough choices and changes. One of those changes concerns the staffing of the summer camp and youth ministry programs. In order to help make those […]