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Crazy enough

Was looking for a different video when I found this today.  I have a friend who loves to say that he’s crazy enough to want to change the world – so this is for you, Adam. [youtube:]

This and that

A few things on my fingertips this sunny Thursday: This morning’s readings were simply awesome in combination. While I generally read them, I don’t usually have that cumulative wow reaction. The photo to the right is from my back yard. See the bumble bee busy at work? (click for larger photo) Tim got a great […]

Disaster averted

Each morning I stumble my way out of bed and down the stairs, get my coffee, and start up my computer to check for new members at YMX, get rid of junk email, see which of the blogs on my google reader have updated, and check some stats.  But this morning, when it came to […]

MBP go zoom!

Yes, it may seem silly – unless you’re a techy – but I’m very excited about upgrading the RAM on my MacBook Pro from 512K to 2G (about 4 times as much).  It means that internet pages load faster, more applications can be open simultaneously and that my computer will generally cooperate more quickly with […]