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He gets an A for effort

In the midst of the New York State budget mess, brought to us by the credit crisis-fueled melt down on Wall Street, the State University system made the decision to raise tuition in the middle of the budget year.  The leaves every student facing a larger bill this winter, even while the institutions themselves are […]

So far…

Apologies for the quiet; it tends to happen whenever there’s a whole lot on my plate.  I will get to the skribit suggestions soon (you can add to the list in the box in the first column to the right, or by clicking here).  But for now, I’ll share a bit of what I’ve been […]

Erwin asked me to tell you this

I did an interview this afternoon with Erwin McManus, the pastor of Mosaic in LA, in connection with his new book Wide Awake.  The book is great (and it’s looking at you from the picture on the right), and the interview and a review are forthcoming on YMX, but here’s the message Erwin McManus asked […]

The Secret Life of the American Teen

As soon as Cathie and I saw the promo spot for the new ABC Family series The Secret Life of the American Teen, we put the show’s premiere date on the calendar so we’d remember to watch together.  That calendar entry now repeats for each Tuesday at 8 pm, I’m hoping that we’ll have many […]