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Dirty feet, and other messy-ness

Why foot washing? The illustration in which Jesus involves his closest friends at their Seder meal is one of messy servitude. You’re likely aware that sandal-shod folk of Jerusalem in that day would have dusty, dirty feet. They wouldn’t have been the kind of dirty those of us living in the US, wearing shoes, walking […]

Some loose ends may stay untied

A month already? It’s hard to believe that a month ago today we arrived in Carrefour. My heart does not believe it, yet my calendar says it is so. Our time there plays like a movie in my head. I promised to share some stories from the displaced persons camp (aka tent city) we visited […]

The least of these are Haiti’s children

I journaled multiple times daily while I was in Haiti. It seemed that every free moment drove me to my pen and notebook. To re-read it in composing this post was excruciating. I have spent hours already and I don’t know if I can adequately convey the thoughts and feelings, and the reality I witnessed. […]

The Lost Art of Respect

People watching is an integral part of my life. I’m keenly interested in how people interact with one another across lines of belief and culture. I notice details that many don’t, or at least never speak about.  I can’t turn this habit off, nor do I think I’d want to even though it frequently leads […]

Stop biting each other!

Believers, Christ-followers of any denominational and doctrinal stripe – I’m talking to you. And me.  Stop it. The whining.  The complaining.  Really.  Before you speak, or type, another word about: a devotional practice or church tradition you have never participated in and therefore believe it must be specifically prohibited by scripture a politician or government […]