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Happy Thank a Youthworker Day!

We are a unique bunch. That is an understatement. We are also an under appreciated bunch. Almost every day I see a post, or have a phone call, or talk with one of our tribe who is struggling to know that what we do actually matters. It’s a blessing to be able to assure my […]

Stop telling me not to go to Haiti

I know, you’re concerned. I know, you care about me. I know, the news makes it look dangerous. I’ve noticed, too. Honestly, your concerns are very logical. Trouble is, the God I serve doesn’t use my (or your) logic. I’m really glad about that!  The logic of the Gospel is altruism in its purest form […]

The Lost Art of Respect

People watching is an integral part of my life. I’m keenly interested in how people interact with one another across lines of belief and culture. I notice details that many don’t, or at least never speak about.  I can’t turn this habit off, nor do I think I’d want to even though it frequently leads […]

Review: Inside the Mind of Youth Pastors by Mark Riddle

Here’s a bit of my review of Inside the Mind of Youth Pastors, published at Youth Ministry Exchange: The central question of long-time youth minister and youth ministry consultant Mark Riddle’s book Inside the Mind of Youth Pastors – A Church Leader’s Guide to Staffing and Leading Youth Pastors asks “Why does your church want to hire […]

Blog Tour: Inside the Mind of Youth Pastors by Mark Riddle

I recently had the opportunity to read Mark Riddle’s new book, Inside the Mind of Youth Pastors.  Mark is a consultant for churches who are looking to staff for youth ministry as a part of the larger vision for their community and ministry – a holistic approach, you might call it.  The book is a […]