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5 things you probably don’t know about me

I sit down to procrastinate only to discover that Marko tagged me to answer this meme. Thanks, a way to further delay cleaning the dining room! So, 5 things you don’t necessarily know about me: 1. I used to jump out of perfectly good airplanes, back in the “remember not the sins of my youth” […]

A Circle of Grace

On the left is the freshly ordained Father Scott Garno, with Bishop Daniel Herzog and Bishop Coadjutor Bill Love, preparing to celebrate the Eucharist at the Ordination Mass. There is a tradition in the church to receive a blessing from the newly ordained priest, and I have to say it was among the most moving […]

Insight of the Day

Upon passing a church sign that read “Christmas without Christ equals materialism” a 17-year-old “guy I know” said: “Uhhh, NO… Christmas without Christ is just ‘mass’.” Asked to explain what he meant, he said, “Christmas empty of Jesus leaves you with an empty ritual, completely unsatifying to anyone, like church without real worship.” So there, […]