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2010: There has been joy

I gave up trying to write those family update Christmas letters quite a few years ago. However, this morning, while my young adults are sleeping and my husband is already at work, I’ve been sitting nearby the Christmas tree and looking through the photos I’ve taken over the past year. They remind me of the […]

The under 25 youth pastor

I want to get my youth ministry and church leadership audience to chime in on something, if you will. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been reading Mark Riddle‘s new book Inside the Mind of Youth Pastors: A Church Leader’s Guide to Staffing and Leading Youth Pastors. I’m writing a review of the book […]

Moving day

Today was the day we moved Tim into his dorm room at the College of Saint Rose.  As we arrived, no fewer than 15 green t-shirt wearing students clapped and cheered and emptied our car of Tim’s belongings and carried them into the designated room in Brubacher Hall‘s west wing (the front, right section of […]

So far…

Apologies for the quiet; it tends to happen whenever there’s a whole lot on my plate.  I will get to the skribit suggestions soon (you can add to the list in the box in the first column to the right, or by clicking here).  But for now, I’ll share a bit of what I’ve been […]