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And the winner is…

First, thanks to each of you for sharing a glimpse of your passion to share the Gospel with children!  The stories are great! Now, let me get the process stuff out of the way.  To choose, I used a cyber version of putting your names in a hat.  In the order of the posts in […]

Step up to the Mic and win registration to Group’s How 2 Conference!

Group Publishing wants your Children’s Ministry to win 2 registrations to their How 2 Children’s Ministry Conference!  From the people who bring you Children’s Ministry Magazine, as well as a wide array of resources for ministry to youth, children and adults, comes this generous offer!  Thanks, Group! To make this fun and interactive, here’s how […]

I love tomorrow!

Why do I love tomorrow?  In general, because I haven’t messed it up yet.  Specifically, regarding Friday, January 9, I love tomorrow because I have just been given 2 registrations for Group’s How 2 Conference for Children’s Ministry.  I spent a little while looking at the cities and the program & schedule for the day, […]