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Our Graduate

The past week has been full of graduation events, plus a picnic celebrating Tim’s graduation and Cathie’s 16th birthday.  It’s been an amazing and exhausting few days! Here’s one graduation day photo: You can see some from all the events here.

Where does time go, really?

When I said (earlier this week) I intended to blog regularly again, I meant it. I really did! It falls firmly in the “best made plans” category of things that fall through. I’m sorry. There’s lots going on, and I’ll give you the highlights, right now! I reached a milestone this week that really surprised […]

Bible Conference and Chili cook-off?

Yes!  I giggled at first, but you know church people and their amazing ability to produce large quantities of their favorite recipes and yesterday was no exception.  About 80 people attended the day-long conference centered on Bishop Love’s emphasis on getting back to basics and studying the scriptures as a whole, followed by sampling quite […]

Crazy days, or is that daze?

It’s been so long since I’ve been able to compose a few thoughts and have time to sit at the computer and put them down. I’m sorry, I know there are many who surf by regularly and see nothing new. It’s not that I haven’t been at the computer, I have. It’s that lethal combination […]