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Keeping a Holy Lent

Years ago, when my family and I lived in the Pacific Northwest, we had the opportunity to visit Mount St. Helens. You may know that mountain is a volcano that erupted in deadly, spectacular fashion in May, 1980. [Click here to see a video documentary of the event.] Though I knew about the volcanic eruption’s […]

Guilty as Charged

With the exception of one post, I took 2012 off from blogging. Thanks to those of you who asked about it. Thanks to those of you who see this in your RSS reader or email and are happily surprised. There are a lot of reasons why I stopped, but nothing about which you’d care much. […]

We are…

We are…a mess. Yes, collectively. As in, all of us. A horror of injustice occurred at Penn State University’s State College campus. I’m not talking about football. As much as the game is loved and revered in Happy Valley, this isn’t actually about football. It’s about a man – several, actually – and a number […]

Happy Thank a Youthworker Day!

We are a unique bunch. That is an understatement. We are also an under appreciated bunch. Almost every day I see a post, or have a phone call, or talk with one of our tribe who is struggling to know that what we do actually matters. It’s a blessing to be able to assure my […]

Occupy Justice

I remember the first time I engaged in a cause. I was in ninth grade and was certain I and my fellow female students at our large public high school faced discrimination. Of all horrors, we had to buy and wear district approved gym suits while male students could wear their own shorts and tees. Fashion (or […]