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Remarkable: a baby Conner update

The NICU staff caring for Conner and helping his mom and dad are calling the tiny boy’s progress remarkable and unexpected today.  His breathing has improved dramatically and today he was removed from the ventilator, the sedating medication, and given a bit of caffeine to wake him up and get him breathing deeply on his […]

Baby God?

I am always astounded that our not-part-of-time-and-space Almighty Creator God took it upon himself to enter our time and space – he came from kairos (eternal time) to chronos (measured time). Never mind the incredible reality that he entered it in the most vulnerable form that is human possibility, an infant. For a season, God […]

Taking Sundays for Granted

I’ve come, only recently, to recognize a sad dynamic in the church. It is one that I truly believe keeps us from the kind of vibrant, engaged, interconnected community to which we are called as members of the Body of Christ. That dynamic? “I’ll see you Sunday!” When we say that, or even think it […]

The Golden Compass as discipleship

Yes, that’s what I said. Not only is there nothing for Christians to be afraid of in The Golden Compass, the first movie based on Philip Pullman’s ‘His Dark Materials’ trilogy, but there is a tremendous opportunity for Christ-followers to use something the avowed Athiest author intends for evil to sharpen their understanding of their […]