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The tax decrease that really isn’t a tax decrease

The following is from the text of a memo that was attached to the payroll details for  all city employees, from the legal department.  MEMORANDUM – March 19, 2009 Please be advised that as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 a new tax-withholding table has been released and must be implemented […]

He gets an A for effort

In the midst of the New York State budget mess, brought to us by the credit crisis-fueled melt down on Wall Street, the State University system made the decision to raise tuition in the middle of the budget year.  The leaves every student facing a larger bill this winter, even while the institutions themselves are […]

The high holy day of the money god

I don’t get Black Friday mania.  I understand taking advantage of money-saving opportunities.  I understand businesses offering discounts to attract shoppers.  I don’t understand the ever-earlier opening times, the bait and switch offers or super-limited quantities.  It’s become almost cultish.  It’s become deadly. NEW YORK (AP) — Police say a Wal-Mart worker has died after […]

NYC Homeless Plan Documentation

Thanks to an email reply from The Coalition for the Homeless, an advocacy organization, I’ve been able to find some official documentation of the existence of the “5-or-0 rule” in a City of New York concept paper.  There are 2 concept papers related to the Bloomberg administration’s plan to aid the city’s 35,000+ chronically homeless […]