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For Maria, about World Malaria Day

My friend Maria Fenty was in love with the people of Sudan. More than once she trekked there to encourage and serve people in the ravaged south, loving those whose lives were on the line daily. She told me that she hoped to go live there to serve the women and children struggling to survive, […]

He followed directions, mom

This is the stuff of which family folklore is made. Thanks to youtube, we all get to hear the story. Good job, kid. [HT @andrewbadera]

How Youth Workers Can Benefit From Conferences

Youth ministry conventions are an incredible experience, as most people who have attended one will share with you. In some senses, they are like summer camp for youth workers – a place to get out of the normal routines of life and ministry, meet with God, be ministered to, be challenged a bit by voices […]

He gets an A for effort

In the midst of the New York State budget mess, brought to us by the credit crisis-fueled melt down on Wall Street, the State University system made the decision to raise tuition in the middle of the budget year.  The leaves every student facing a larger bill this winter, even while the institutions themselves are […]