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Changes in Diocese of Albany’s Camp and Youth Ministry

Late this afternoon I received the following list email: To all my Beaver Cross friends and family, Currently the Diocese and Christ the King Center are having to make some tough choices and changes. One of those changes concerns the staffing of the summer camp and youth ministry programs. In order to help make those […]

EDOA Convention passes updated canons

It was reported at our morning services today that the Episcopal Diocese of Albany’s Convention debated and passed the updates to the Diocesan Canons regarding the definition of marriage and qualifications for clergy. I do not know if there were any revisions or amendments made during the debate, but the original language of the policy […]

Quotable: ‘The national church has gone off the rails’

“The national church has gone off the rails,” said Torre Bissell, a lay person who runs a diocesan intercessory ministry and has asked on a blog (post from 5-19-2008) that people pray for passage of both measures. The Schenectady computer consultant added, “I don’t know that there’s ever been any place in Scripture where marriage […]

Qutotable: Uh, what?!

I have been trying not to pay too much attention to the crud that plagues my denomination.  However, the quote below was in Christianity Today’s Quotation Marks column and it mostly just confuses me. “In a sense it’s related to the old ecclesiastical behavior toward child abuse [when priests looked the other way]. Bad behavior […]