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Life in a word?

Stormy. I wrote a poem years ago about clinging to the rock in the middle of the raging waters of life. My friend Lisa wrote a song based on that now-lost poem (it lived on a hard drive that’s long gone), and I hope someday to hear her sing that song in person. At the […]

At your command all things came to be

NASA released this composite image last night showing the night time northern hemisphere. (ht Derek) It’s a fascinatng image, and reminded me of the call and response portion of the Episcopal Church’s Eucharistic Prayer C: God of all power, Ruler of the Universe, you are worthy of glory and praise. Glory to you for ever […]

Grace note: It’s a Shocking Discovery!

A study published in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences says something just shocking because it can’t help but be seen as “proving” a Biblical principle to be physically true. That just makes me smile; not in any gloating way but in a “hey, Lord, thanks!” way. “Is it really more rewarding to […]