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Advent: decorating

When I was growing up the Christmas tree – a real one – was procured the weekend before Christmas and stayed outside until Christmas Eve.  In it would come, it would be placed into the tree stand and watered (and watered, and watered). And that’s how it would stay… an evergreen in a stand in […]

“My daddy and a blue truck”

2 minutes that will change your day for the better, even if you’ve seen it already. This military mom can’t get enough of that sweet little face when she sees her daddy. Use it as a moment to remember all the military families, and other service families of police, firefighters and emergency medical personnel, who […]

Where did the day go?

My computer ate my regularly scheduled plan today.  It started making an odd little click when the browser was loading a page, which could be a processor problem (or might be nothing much).  So, I decided to do a regular back-up of my data and then clone my hard drive using some highly recommended software […]

Theology, socially

As sometimes happens during the day, I was chatting on instant messenger about youth ministry with Adam yesterday.  We were talking about a mutual interest, something he was planning out a blog post on – discipleship.  As the conversation rambled around some ideas, my interest was grabbed by a particular facet (or tangent, lol) about […]

My NYWC (Part 1)

I love the YS Conventions.  The first time I attended was in Philadelphia in 1997.  The theme, Only a Fool, hit me right in the heart as I was in full-on ache to be in youth ministry full time, and attempting some discernment about how, when, where that could even happen, or even if it […]