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Podcast fun

A long while ago, Adam and I used to have fun putting together the  YMX podcast. Until a short time ago, I didn’t realize how much I missed it! Thanks to some great youth workers who podcast regularly for the youth ministry community, I had the great fun of participating in their programs as a […]

Thoughts on disclosure, or the new FTC rules for blogging and me

Following months of deliberation by the Federal Trade Commission and rumors throughout the social media marketing world, the FTC this week released it’s “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising” to much buzz.  And, a little panic, I think, for bloggers, twitterers and facebookers who like to talk about their favorite goods […]

Remember the Milk

Are you a to-do list maker?  Do you need a task manager that will remind you of items on your list in a way you won’t miss?  Wish there was a way to quickly manage lists for home and work quickly with minimum distraction? (My answers were: yes, yes and yes.) A couple of days […]

Travel stories giveaway!

Ever gone on a trip that didn’t go so well? I knew you had; there are a million travel horror stories! YMX is sponsoring a contest that you are eligible to win as long as you 1. have a travel nightmare, 2. aren’t me or Adam. Here’s the info: Every one of us has had […]