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She’s running for my mom

My friend Cathy is plotting something extraordinary – she’s training to run back-to-back marathons, 52.4 miles, in the space of about a month.  Cathy, like my husband Tom and our friends Stephen and Maggie, is a member of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training.  Team in Training runners participate in group training and […]

Ugly Mug Tour 4: Hardy Passion and Hot Chocolate

We’re reaching the end of our tour of the sampler box from The Ugly Mug Coffee Company.  The last of the different coffee blends and roasts we tried was their bold, robust coffee called Hardy Passion.  It’s a dark, strong brew which reminded me of the “regular” coffee at Starbuck’s.  If you like that heavy […]

Home, with a cause of her own

Shortly after she got into the car at the end of the Excel Conference, Cathie was telling me about a  project she and some other local students have decided to take on.  She tells me it’s called “The Center for Student Rights.”  Naturally, I asked her some questions about it!  Her answers are in italics. […]

Ugly Mug Tour 3: Southern Pecan and Brazilian

We continue working our way through the sampler box from the Ugly Mug Coffee Company that I ordered from them at the NYWC in Atlanta. While there are a number of other roasts and flavors, we’re nearing the end of those represented in this sample collection. I must confess, I was quite surprised when Tom […]