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Audio hilarity

No one wants to get old. especially youth workers.  So, earlier this week when my son sent me a link to the infamously annoying to teenagers mosquito tone (a noise in the high-end range that our ears lose after years of  loud music, screaming kids, and chronological advances), youth workers everywhere started posting with glee […]

Shea-ing goodbye

The last section of Shea Stadium fell today into what will be the parking lot of CitiField, which is slated to host the final two exhibition games of the Mets ’09 spring schedule on April 4 & 5 against Boston. (two videos embeded below) Farewell, old friend. Maybe my name will get picked for tickets […]

Waiting until next year just got less painful

Yes, the Mets lost their bid for the post-season.  Again.  After a season that began for me with such joy. Yes, I hate that because every year I invest vast amounts of time and energy in watching their games, and was looking for them to keep this promise.  However, I’m really not as crushed as […]

I like Ike

It’s not any kind of a secret at all that I love baseball.  I also have a growing love of minor league baseball.  Three quick thoughts about why: inexpensive; live baseball; raw talent. Last night I got to combine my love for baseball, fan loyalty for the NY Mets, and an evening out with my […]