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Vote for Magic Arms

Magic Arms is a beautiful bit of poetry composed by my son, Tim, in response to the struggles he’s faced over the past two years.  I know I’m biased, but it wrecks me. He can win prizes for votes cast in favor of his work. If you’d be so inclined, you can read Magic Arms […]

Will the Internet end Compartmentalization?

There are no secrets on the internet. Really. Some high school students in Minnesota learned this the hard way when some photographs of a party were posted on the social networking website The problem isn’t that there was a party, it’s that the students were depicted drinking alcohol, which is against the school’s policy […]

Waste of our lives

With apologies to the ever-classic Pink Floyd, think the tune to Another Brick in the Wall: We don’t need no resolutions We just need a list of goals No pangs of guilt in bleak mid-winter No list to hate when changes come Hey! People! Leave that guilt behind! All in all, it’s just a waste […]