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Stop biting each other!

Believers, Christ-followers of any denominational and doctrinal stripe – I’m talking to you. And me.  Stop it. The whining.  The complaining.  Really.  Before you speak, or type, another word about: a devotional practice or church tradition you have never participated in and therefore believe it must be specifically prohibited by scripture a politician or government […]

Inauguration Day 2009

One of the things I most appreciate about being an American is our peaceful transition of power.  To emphasize that intentional setting-aside of difference, the President and President-elect choose to ride together from the White House to the Capitol.  All the living US Presidents attend the oath, regardless of party.  There are lessons for the […]

One Day for Human Rights

Today marks the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  One of the amazing things about the internet, to me, has been the ability for people in all sorts of circumstances to communicate them to the world. I am mindful that what I’m doing right now – typing my thoughts for a blog […]

A little communication goes a long way

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday to get a response from the New York City Department of Homeless Services, office of Community Relations.  I’d phoned them last week to see if there was more information about the rationale behind the requirement that homeless shelters be open five nights per week to be open at all.  This […]

NYC Homeless Plan Documentation

Thanks to an email reply from The Coalition for the Homeless, an advocacy organization, I’ve been able to find some official documentation of the existence of the “5-or-0 rule” in a City of New York concept paper.  There are 2 concept papers related to the Bloomberg administration’s plan to aid the city’s 35,000+ chronically homeless […]