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This is the wrong direction, people!

With regard to my strong belief that Christians ought not expect the government to handle the mercy and justice aspects of the Church’s mission, I need to vent.  I came across a news item today providing information that just astounds me in it’s abject stupidity. Churches forced to boot homeless As temperatures fall and the […]

MEMO TO: Presidential Candidates

MEMO TO:  Major Party US Presidential Candidates & Campaigns RE:  You’ve forgotten something Senators McCain and Obama, (alphabetically, lest you think there’s some preference there) It seems that you each have forgotten something.  You are asking the people of this country to vote for you to be President of the United States.  Your responsibility to […]

Stop the political phone calls!

I’m a huge fan of permission-based marketing.  Specifically, if I am interested in your product or service – or in this particular case, your candidacy – I will visit your website, or talk to your campaign worker at my door, view your inescapable television commercials, or read any of the dozens of mailers you send […]

Amy Simpson: Why I’m Glad Sarah Palin Didn’t Speak for Women

From a post at Gifted for Leadership: I’m tired of hearing people speak “for women,” making claims about who we are and what we want. I hear constant references to “women voters” as if we were a voting bloc or a powerless group who needs special representation. We’re not powerless; we’re not exceptions to the […]

What is a right?

I listened carefully to the coverage of the Supreme Court of the United States’ decision yesterday to uphold the right of individuals to own firearms.  The decision, historic in prime because it is the first to address the Constitutional issue of personal  gun ownership, made a lot of people happy because it upholds a personal […]