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Well, here we are…

Today is my last day as a staff member of Christ’s Church Albany. I wish the word for how I feel about it wasn’t bittersweet… why does the bitter come first? I’m not doing that! The sweet: There’s a lot of that for me both personally and professionally! First, being a part of this group […]

I’m a minefield. You might be too.

If you’ve been around me much these past few weeks, you may have noticed that I’m struggling to keep it together — and failing pretty often. There’s a lot going on in life, more than an average level of upheaval in life and ministry, and, if I’m to be true to living authentically, I need […]

A new Lenten journey

When I was a sophomore in college, I remember walking to an Episcopal church a couple of miles away from my dorm to be with the church for Ash Wednesday. I remember so clearly because I was recovering from mono and that 30 minute walk took probably an hour – but I was determined.  Why? […]

We are…

We are…a mess. Yes, collectively. As in, all of us. A horror of injustice occurred at Penn State University’s State College campus. I’m not talking about football. As much as the game is loved and revered in Happy Valley, this isn’t actually about football. It’s about a man – several, actually – and a number […]