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Stop telling me not to go to Haiti

I know, you’re concerned. I know, you care about me. I know, the news makes it look dangerous. I’ve noticed, too. Honestly, your concerns are very logical. Trouble is, the God I serve doesn’t use my (or your) logic. I’m really glad about that!  The logic of the Gospel is altruism in its purest form […]

Update: Haiti trip

Details are fitting into place in preparation for our trip to Haiti. I’ve had some shots. I bought a plane ticket. I’m thinking through what to pack to go from winter in upstate New York with average temps between 20º and 35ºF to winter in Port-au-Prince with average temps between 78º and 86ºF while taking […]

I’m heading to Haiti on December 27

Since the evening of January 12, 2010, I have been tugging on my Father’s sleeve. Dad. Dad. Dad? Can I go? You know me, my gifts, my limits, please? Dad, will you let me help? Some months ago, I strongly sensed the answer was “Yes, be patient.” Let’s just say I’ve been persistently patient, continuing […]


I want to go to Haiti. I believe God wants me, and a whole lot of other people, to go and be his physical presence doing all sorts of tasks.  From the moment I learned of the devastation in Port-au-Prince, I was wrecked. The people of Haiti lived a largely subsistence-level life before this earthquake […]