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So far…

Apologies for the quiet; it tends to happen whenever there’s a whole lot on my plate.  I will get to the skribit suggestions soon (you can add to the list in the box in the first column to the right, or by clicking here).  But for now, I’ll share a bit of what I’ve been […]

Let’s see…

Those of you who read this site via RSS won’t see any difference in posts coming to your reader or email inbox, but if you’re a surfer, you will.  Last night, in an additional apptempt to figure out why certain strange code behaviors are causing my content to be inserted in different places in the […]

Our Graduate

The past week has been full of graduation events, plus a picnic celebrating Tim’s graduation and Cathie’s 16th birthday.  It’s been an amazing and exhausting few days! Here’s one graduation day photo: You can see some from all the events here.

Not sure how to feel

We just received word that the teenager who had chosen Tom’s sister and her husband to adopt her baby girl, who was due to be born any day, has changed her mind and will keep the child. We’re crushed because Noreen and David are wonderfully equipped to be parents; because we had already accepted this […]