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“This is Haiti”

It was cloudy over the country as our flight approached Haiti. Glimpses of mountaintops and sea, then touchdown. We stepped into the tropical warmth, onto a crowded bus, into a more crowded terminal to stand in line for a long time. Nothing to declare. Keep the green card. Put the passport away. Claim the luggage. […]

Advent: decorating

When I was growing up the Christmas tree – a real one – was procured the weekend before Christmas and stayed outside until Christmas Eve.  In it would come, it would be placed into the tree stand and watered (and watered, and watered). And that’s how it would stay… an evergreen in a stand in […]

We still have power

Much of the Capital Region has no electric power this morning and is experiencing falling trees, bad roads and more due to about 24 hours of freezing rain that continues mixed with a bit of snow as I write.  I stepped outside my house moments ago (yes, in my pjs and slippers) to capture a […]