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Keeping a Holy Lent

Years ago, when my family and I lived in the Pacific Northwest, we had the opportunity to visit Mount St. Helens. You may know that mountain is a volcano that erupted in deadly, spectacular fashion in May, 1980. [Click here to see a video documentary of the event.] Though I knew about the volcanic eruption’s […]

This day, they wept

They wept. It seemed the only right action.¬†Their beloved was dead. Their dream of his being the longed-for Messiah ached within them. They were afraid they might also be killed for being close to him. If they hadn’t seen the horror of it with their own eyes, they may even have been in denial. They […]

Yes, Sunday’s coming, but…

It is too easy to miss the reality, the sheer immensity, of Good Friday. The truth of it, if we faithful are honest with ourselves, is we don’t want to focus on the suffering humanity caused. We’re over-joyed to receive and celebrate the compassion and celebrate the victory Jesus won on our behalf, but to […]

Dirty feet, and other messy-ness

Why foot washing? The illustration in which Jesus involves his closest friends at their Seder meal is one of messy servitude. You’re likely aware that sandal-shod folk of Jerusalem in that day would have dusty, dirty feet. They wouldn’t have been the kind of dirty those of us living in the US, wearing shoes, walking […]