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The Jesus Way, part 1

This first section of Part I sets the stage for the rest of the conversation as Eugene Peterson examines the Way metaphor, the ways that Jesus is the Way in person, in conduct, and in relationship. The section also sets out some of the challenges of living in the Way of Jesus. In my experience, […]

Intro: The Jesus Way

This morning I spent time reading the Introduction to The Jesus Way.  I’m intrigued about this book as it draws examples of Jesus’ Way not only from Jesus’ incarnate life, but also from the lives of others who came before him.  Also, as in many of his works, Peterson places emphasis on eradicating any sense […]

Lent: The Jesus Way

In the absence of a church-organized small group study for the Lenten season, I’ve chosen to read and study Eugene Peterson’s book The Jesus Way – a conversation on the ways that Jesus is the way as my own Lenten study. I intend to focus on the seven chapters of Part I: The Jesus Way […]