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I’m heading to Haiti on December 27

Since the evening of January 12, 2010, I have been tugging on my Father’s sleeve. Dad. Dad. Dad? Can I go? You know me, my gifts, my limits, please? Dad, will you let me help? Some months ago, I strongly sensed the answer was “Yes, be patient.” Let’s just say I’ve been persistently patient, continuing […]

It’s too easy to be negative

Looking around, it doesn’t take long to notice failures, disappointments, injustices and all manner of worldly details that ought to be different.  I see as many of them in myself has I do in the world, in large measure because all of us humans are a mess in one way or another.  We have been […]

What is your dream?

Do you have a dream? I mean, a BIG dream? Maybe you call it a goal. Perhaps it is item #1 on your bucket list. Does it enter your thoughts every day, or most days at least? If you reached it, if your dream came true, would it change the world? Do you organize your […]

Being with… the importance of presence

The power of being present has been on my mind quite a bit lately. That solitary sentence has existed in isolation in a draft post for months. It’s still true, so I thought it was time to dust it off and hang out with it for a while. What originally spurred it? I’m no longer […]

When time gets away

I haven’t been a good blogger over the course of the past year or so. I’m not going to apologize, though. The events and circumstances that influenced the infrequency are good ones, and I hope in similar you would also drop a hobby for the stuff of life that matters most. After a while of […]